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'Work together to end Discrimination Against Women' - Governor

 Jaipur, March 7. The Governor of Rajasthan, Smt. Margaret Alva, extending her greetings on International Women's Day, has said:
 "This day calls for celebrations, not just by women, but by all sections of our society - young and old. It is the day to commemorate the aspirations, struggles, achievements and contributions of our women.
 “Despite the fact that evils of the disappearing girl child, child marriages, dowry, rape, violence against women and  discrimination at all levels and in all fields still persist, women are on the move are on the move. In elected bodies, as professionals and as part of the work force, their presence is being felt and their voices heard.
 “The special theme for International Women's Day this year, 'Inspiring Change', aptly draws attention to the need to highlight the initiatives by government agencies and non-governmental organisations to change laws and social attitudes to create a just and equitable world. Let us all - in thoughts, words and deeds - commit ourselves to be the change we wish to see, and harness the energies of our women, to release their creative skills. For it is only when women are truly free and equal, that societies can progress and nations grow in strength.”


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